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globalnumbers Virtual PBX was voted as one of the best telecommunications solutions of 2017

October 20th 2017:

INNOVATIONSPREIS IT & IT Bestenliste (German "IT top list"): After globalnumbers was already voted into the Top 20 most innovative telecommunications & Voice-over-IP solutions in 2012, today our Virtual PBX was awarded as one of the best telecommunications solutions of 2017.

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March 29th 2017:

Beijing and Shanghai numbers are available again at globalnumbers.



March 20th 2015:

globalnumbers now carries toll-free numbers (0800) in a total of 44 countries, including hard-to-find countries such as India, Bolivia or China.



January 24th 2014:

New country added: Serbia. Now you can order virtual telephone numbers in Serbia.



September 26th 2013:

Toll-free numbers have arrived at globalnumbers. Now your customers can call you always for free! Read more here. Also, we've added dozens of new cities, 20+ in Germany alone.



June 2nd 2013:

Complex routing and forwarding configurations are now possible by utilizing our free of charge Virtual PBX feature (a.k.a. PBXww). See the video tutorials and the wiki found here for all details on how to use Virtual PBX.



October 1st 2012:

New forwarding option at globalnumbers: Fax2Mail. Receive faxes on your virtual number and have them sent to you as PDF to your eMail address. Virtual PRIs are now available in Liechtenstein, Ireland, Brazil and the Dominican Republic.



September 27th 2012:

We've just added a new country: virtual numbers are now available in Liechtenstein! Also, we've reduced the pricing for numbers in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Luxembourg and Ukraine.



June 24th 2012:

INNOVATIONSPREIS IT & IT Bestenliste (German "IT top list"): Among 2500 applicants globalnumbers was voted into the Top 20 list of the most innovative telecommunications/Voice-over-IP solutions of 2012. We're very excited about that!

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February 8th 2012:

Vietnam now available, Virtual PRIs in Latvia, Romania and Slovakia, additional cities in Argentina, Canada, Chile and the United States, Russian virtual numbers for everyone

Virtual telephone numbers in Vietnam are now available.

Russian virtual telephone numbers don't require supporting documents anymore, that means everyone can now get a virtual number in Russia!

Virtual PRIs are now available in 20 countries including Latvia, Romania and Slovakia.

Several dozens new cities are now available in Argentina, Canada, Chile and the United States.



November 22nd 2011:

More countries available

New virtual number countries added: Turkey and Thailand!


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